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Focus Apparel Jr skater Jordan Lee

Focus Apparel Jr skater Jordan Lee ends the year strong with a King of the groms Golden Ticket for the championships next summer in Minneapolis. The event was held last weekend at our home skate park Skatelab in Simi Valley California. All year Jordan has been ripping up the bowl contests at CASL along with taking a double win in Bowl and Street at his home town contest in Ojai. 2014 is going to be an exciting year for Jordan Lee and the rest of the Focus Apparel team athletes.  
You can find a link to his new edit on our home page produced in house by Josh Gobbell. 

Behind The Scenes at Focus

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Focus Apparel athlete Drew Gosselaar down on his luck

Focus Apparel Pro Motocross athlete Drew Gosselaar is currently on the road competing in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. On their way to round three in Tennessee, their trailer began to swap and came unhooked from the tow vehicle. Everyone was safe, but everything inside the trailer was destroyed including his race bike, gear, tools, fuel, etc. 

Drew Gosselaar has been racing his whole life. His father Mike Gosselaar is one of the best known mechanics in the industry and is currently the technician for Chad Reed's TwoTwo Motosports. Numerous injuries have set back his goal as professional racer but he looks to change that in 2013. Now with this unfortunate accident Drew may not make it to all of the remaining rounds. If you would like to help his cause Drew can be contacted at or 661-476-1605.


Focus Apparel has been hangin at the Musink tattoo, skate, and music festival in Orange county all weekend. Over 15,000 people came out to see bands like Pennywise and Bad Religion along with world famous tattoo artists. We posted up next to the super cool guys at Active Ride Shop that brought out a sick skate street course. Thanks to all the OC Focus Apparel crew!!

Kevin Weisbruch // Pala SX

Kevin Weisbruch // Pala SX from Buttery Films on Vimeo.

Kevin Weisbruch mobbing hard, keeping it real, and throwing down the hottest laps out at Pala

Luke Fuhrman

This week, we interviewed with one of our own surf athetes Luke Fuhrman to get some insite for those who dont know him. This young 15 year old hails from Hunington Beach CA. At the early age of 7 he started shredding the knar due to his friends and family who surfed. When he started getting serious, went to surf camps and got private coaches as well to improve himself. When asked what he loves most about surfing, he awnsered "just the amazing feeling of learning a new trick, or getting that perfect wave". He competes in CCSA comps as well as on his schools varsity surf team. Other things that interest Luke is skating, BMX, and riding dirt bikes. After a long good day of surfing, the best food he would choose to have would be Pick Up Stix. (And might i just say that i just went there for the first time and OMG... Amazing. Probably not healthy, but good all the same). And after a very nice interview, we asked what would be the perfect day for this kid. His response was,  Wake up, go surf his brains out, hit up Pick up Stix and end it off with some girls. Short and simple, got to like that. Well this is Luke Fuhrman everyone. Look for him in the future to come up through the ranks. Keep it up Luke.




Staying Focused

Athlete Tyler Morris got into a dangerous situation while out at the North Shore of Hawaii preparing for the Pro Jr Nationals. He and Pro surf Legend Derrick Dorner were at Makaha Beach with 25 footers pounding in, it literally took them one hour and fifteen minutes of intense paddling to get to line up. 

Tyler was a bit sketched out when he heard Derrick say "go for it".  Tyler ended up missing that wave and that's where the trouble started, he looked back only to see four MASSIVE mountains of water coming at him. He was paddling for his life when he realized he had to dive for the bottom. The wave crashed and he was violently thrown around and around. Once it stopped he made it up for a gulp of air, just in time to see two more walls of water heading straight for him. He was jerked and twisted around so much he didn't know up from down anymore, that's when he saw a glimmer of light and swam for the surface. 

 Now for the bad news,   when he went to take a breath of air all he got was lungs full of sea foam. The last wave hit and he was underwater for what felt like an hour, long story short Tyler survived this "near death" experience. He was exhausted and kicked out to the left where he relaxed in still water thankful to be able surf another day. 

Welcome London

Please welcome London Hudson to the team! London is ten years old and has been skating for four years. He has skated in Spain and all over Canada. London's proudest moment was the time he landed his first air of about four feet, although currently, he is known to go bigger. He hopes to skate in New York this year. Look for him in the Vans Pro Pool Party at the end of summer. 

Scout Swing's Expectations for 2013

Our youngest athlete, Scout Swing age 8, is focusing on his goals for 2013. He started racing almost two years ago and is planning for a big year. In 2012 he was the Triple Crown Series champion in the super peewee class. Scout has been riding many tracks, mainly his home track at Perris Raceway, in preparation for the World Minis in Nevada. He hopes to make road trip and ride all Arizona tracks this summer.

Rj Wageman on the Service Honda

Everyone check out Focus Apparels upcoming Motocross star RJ Wageman in Dirt Bike Magazines newest 2 Stroke video "Service Honda CR250 2 Stroke". Hope everyone enjoys it!!

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