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PRO | Moto

  • Justin Seeds


    Pro/Moto Race number: 213 DOB: 29-Jan-1990 Height: 5’-10” Weight: 150 Hometown: Phelan, Ca Hobbies: Golf, Running, Cycling, How I got started: My dad got me started when I was 3 years old on a three wheeler and after six months of riding that I moved up to a PW50 an have been on two wheels since. Highlights: 2008 3rd Pro class at the Baja 500, 2011 Pro2 and 450a Championships at WORCS, 2011-2013 winning the Lake Elsinore GP (Harvey Mushman 100) and being the first person to win three times in a row. Sponsors: Percision Concepts, John Burr Cycles, Monster Energy, Moose Racing, Focus Apparel, Shoei, Eks Brand Goggles, Townsen Designs, FMF, BRP, Dunlop, Ryan Abbatoye Designs, Cyroheat. BIO: When I was younger I didn’t know if I wanted to ride dirt bikes or become a cowboy.  From 4 to 14 I rode in the desert for fun and would practice with my dad to become a team roper.  At 15 I was asked to go to the track and ride that’s when I fell in love with it.  I decided at 16 to do my first motocross race which got me to race motocross until I was 17 ½ and even competed at World Mini’s.  At the end of 2007 a couple of my friends told me to come try a WORCS Race so I ended up going to the last round in Mesquite, NV and signed up for the B class and swept the three classes I entered.  In 2008 is when I decided to start doing off-road races full time.  I turned Pro in 2013 and have been racing professionally ever since. I enjoy every moment I am able to go out and ride. I want to thank my family and friends for always supporting me in what I love. [gallery link="file" ids="13226,13227,13228,13229,13230,13231"]
  • Blayne Thompson


    Race #: 777 DOB: 10-23-1993 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 155 lbs. Hometown: Phelan, CA. Hobbies: boating, wake boarding, cycling, hiking, baking, fixing anything with a engine and helping the younger riders Sponsors: Flo Motorsports, Maxxis Tires, Precision Concepts, Focus Apparel, Fast Company, Moose Racing, Spoke Skins, Howard and Sons, Victorville Motorcycle Center, Spider Grips, Amsoil Bio: I'm 21 years old. Have lived in Phelan, CA. my whole life.  I started riding when I was 3 and raced for the first time when I was 4. Wasn't very fast but I had a blast!  I raced locally for awhile but when I turned 15, I decided to give it my all.  Since then, with the help of my family, friends and fellow riders, I have became faster and more focused. I have moved up year after year. As of Nov. 2014, I  moved up to the PRO Class.  I'm really excited and hope to do well and make FOCUS APPAREL proud. Thank you for the support and encouragement.   Past Highlights: 1st in Searchlight Grand Prix 2014 Pro Class 1st in Race Around Lake Castaic  2014 Pro Class WORCS 2014 Series,  2nd in  250A   Class 2013 Yamaha Series 450 Int. Winner 2013 Yamaha Series College (16-24) Winner 2013 Big 6 WCGP Pro 3rd overall 2013 Day in the Dirt FMF 2-Stroke 3rd Place     [gallery link="file" ids="12966,12971,12970,12969,12968,12967"]
  • Robby Bell


    Race Number(s): 1, 32, 4x DOB: 9-15-1985 Height: 6'0" Weight: 165 Hometown: El Cajon, CA Hobbies: running, soccer, cooking, traditional foods, throwing butt whips Sponsors: Precision Concepts, Kawasaki, Alamo Alarm, Focus Apparel, MSR, Shoei, SIDI, Spy, USWE, EVS, FMF, BRP, THR Motorsports, Northland Motorsports, Ryan Abbatoye Designs, ATP Mechanix Bio: From his first bike all the way up through mini's, Robby spent most of his time play riding in the ocotillo deserts with his dad. It wasn't until 2001 that he lined up for his first race in the 125 beginner class at Barona Oaks. "I remember being so nervous on the starting line and then I look over at my dad and he said to me, 'No pressure, just go out and have fun, but if you don't win we're selling the bike.' He was joking of course, but I still did end up winning that race and have enjoyed racing motorcycles ever since." Robby's experienced a lot of success in the off road racing genre, riding for two dominate corporations in Honda and Kawasaki, and earning multiple titles along the way including three SCORE Baja titles, two Best In The Desert championships, multiple D37 Big 6 titles and the 2013 WORCS series number one plate. "I've had my share of ups and downs, like anybody who enjoys this sport, but I've had a lot of fun along the way, making lasting relationships with friends and sponsors and I couldn't have had the success and the lifestyle that I enjoy without everyone who has supported me through all the years. I love this sport and look forward to being a part of it for many more years to come!"
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  • Colton Aeck


    Race #: 526 DOB: 08-30-1995 Height: 6' Weight: 170lbs Hometown: Somis, CA Sponsors: TREMX.com, Simi Valley Cycles, P&L Plumbing, Complete Electric, X Brand Goggles, Tech One Designs, Focus Apparel, Renthal, Rekluse, Pirelli, 6D Helmets, Oneal, Ryno Power, MB1 Suspension, Yoshimura, DT1, Works Connection, Rad Manufacturing, Motoseat, Maxima, Novik Gloves Bio: My name is Colton Aeck, I'm 19 years old from Somis, CA, currently living in Granada Hills, CA. I'm currently racing the AMA Supercross series and AMA Outdoor Motocross series for the Simi Valley Cycles/TREMX.com Yamaha team. I've been a member of the Focus Apparel family since the beginning and look forward to many great years to come! [gallery link="file" ids="12951,12961,12960,12959,12962"]
  • Taylor Robert


    Race Number: 33 AKA: T-Nub DOB: 10-Jul-1990 Height: 5'-10" Weight: 150 Hometown: Scottsdale, Az Hobbies: Mountain biking, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding How I go started: My Dad got me a JR50 when I was 4 and I raced it just before I turned 5. Since then it has just taken off! Highlights:2008 WORCS Pro2 champion and 250f A champion, 3 time WORCS winner, 3rd in 2011 Enduro Del Verano Sponsors: Red Bull KTM, FMF, Thor, FOCUS APPAREL, Shoei, Leatt, Alpinestars, Deft Family, Skullcandy Bio: Hey this is Taylor Robert. I race off-road for FMF KTM Factory racing. I started racing dirt bikes when I was 4 years old and stuck with racing motocross until I was 15. I raced all the amateur nationals as a kid. I was never the fastest kid on the motocross track but I got better every year until I was consistently a top 5 guy in my class. When I was 15 I fractured a couple of vertebrae at an amateur national, and this was kind of turning point in my career. At the time I was getting somewhat burnt out with motocross and my dad was racing the WORCS series with a few of his buddies. I decided in 2006 that I would try the whole series and within a year of racing WORCS I already had more support than I ever had racing motocross. By 2008 I had won a couple championships in the "A" class and I won a championship in the Pro2 class. I also did my first pro race in 2008 and go on the podium in my first try. 2009 Was my first full year as a Pro and I was able to win 1 race and come in 4th in the points. I kept getting better and more consistent every year and won my first pro championship in 2012. Around this time I started racing a ton of different races around the world including X games, Endurocross, ISDE, Baja, Beach Races in Argentina, and select extreme enduro's. This brings me to where I am currently in my life. I have now raced ISDE 3 times, I have 3 gold medals from ISDE and I have been the top American the last 2 years. I have competed in 6 different X Games and I won a gold medal last year in Germany. I am also a top contender in the Endurocross series and I am really pushing to win my first endurocross championship. In 2014 I will also compete in Erzberg for the first time, so I am looking forward to racing the largest extreme enduro in the world. [gallery link="file" ids="12416,12417,12418"]

AM | Moto

  • Aaron Wolff


    Race Number: 986 AKA: GEO DOB: 12-19-1991 Height: 6'-2" Weight: 165 Hometown: Camarillo, Ca Hobbies: Mountain biking, Golf,  Wake-boarding, Snowboarding, video games, board games, dancing Highlights: 2010 WORCS Week Champion, 2012 WORCS 2nd overall 250f B, 2012 WORCS 2nd overall Spt. 15-29 B, 3rd overall 2013 WORCS Spt. 15-29 B Sponsors: Focus Apparel, TREMX.com, Tech One Designs, Bell, Twin Air, Yoshimura, Risk Racing, JT Sprokets, EKS Brand,  Ryno Power, Pro Taper, Novik Gloves [gallery link="file" ids="12955,12953,12948"]